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6th Mar 2020

Episode 5: Adam Bracken

Adam Bracken is the owner and lead fitness trainer at The Fitness Lab Ottawa. The first location opened in 2016 (when Adam was only 26 years old) and has expanded to 3 locations across the city. the Fitness Lab is a community of like-minded people that have come together to create positive change physically, mentally and emotionally. With Adam in the lead, this community is building stronger together. Here is his story!

Adam has been in the fitness and health industry for over 12 years now. He started off when he was 17 years old helping out around a local gym and soon recognized his passion to work in the field. He attended St. Lawrence College in Kingston and received his Fitness and Health Promotion diploma, his CSEP-CPT (Canadian Society of Exercise and Physiology- Certified Personal Trainer), as well as his FRC (Functional Range Conditioning certification). Over the last decade, he has worked alongside numerous clients and professional athletes around the city to help them achieve their goals. He specializes in athletic training and has worked with athletes in a variety of different sports and leagues such as the CFL, OHL, NCAA, ECHL, AHL, and NHL. Adam is a lululemon ambassador and a leader in the sweat community here in Ottawa.

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