Episode 3

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7th Feb 2020

Episode 3: Stephanie Kay

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Stephanie Kay, also known as Red, is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (R.H.N.) with a passion for food and fitness. Steph’s approach to nutrition is simple and sustainable, she believes in real food first: eating fresh, whole foods, and cooking with real ingredients. She believes that food is a fundamental key to our health and wellness, and that you can’t outwork a good diet. Her ultimate goal, with all of the work that she does, is to disrupt the way people look at food, empower them to create sustainable habits, and recognize that real food is simplest way to create a healthy lifestyle they love.

Steph shares her passion for nutrition through her online programs, public speaking and coaching.  She is the creator of Red’s Reset, a 28-day nutrition program, and voice behind her popular blog, www.kaynutrition.com, with hundreds of recipes and free resources where she helps teach people how to make better food choices, fuel our bodies and learn to love real food. Her intention is to help individuals find balance in their diets and create a sustainable healthy lifestyle they can feel good about, while still having fun.

Check out her blog, recipes and website HERE

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Episode 2

Published on:

24th Jan 2020

Episode 2: Elisa Kurylowicz

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Elisa Kurylowicz is a former member of the Canadian Freestyle Ski team.  She is 2 x National Champion in Moguls, a World Cup Gold medalist and was ranked in the Grand Prix Top 5 in the world 3 years in a row.  

Following her professional ski career, Elisa excelled in high performance coaching.  With over 15,000 hours experience at this level, Elisa is considered one of the Top female coaches in Canada, and has been instrumental in the development of the sport both technically and strategically.

After missing the Olympic Games in 2006, Elisa fell into a deep depression.  She quit skiing, gained 85lbs in 1 year, abused her body and mind, was in an abusive relationship and was over $30,000 in debt. She then hit rock bottom in 2010 where she sat for over a year.  Then one day, she woke up and realized that she had a choice in life.  From that day forward, she shifted her perspective on the world, and began her journey to self-love and self-appreciation.  

Her @elisakurylowicz Instagram blog, has launched her into influencer status around the world.  Her message is authentic and she shares her vulnerability to connect with others in a truly relatable way. Follow her HERE.

She now owns a successful business in Social Media working with small businesses in Ottawa to create and stand out with their individual platforms.

In addition to this, Elisa is the creator and host of Elisa Unfiltered: Living Life Out Loud the podcast. On her show, she continues her blog topics on a deeper more intimate level.  In under a year, Elisa Unfiltered has over 35,000 downloads from over 97 countries world wide. 

Listen to Elisa Unfiltered by going to www.ElisaUnfiltered.com or by clicking HERE.


Episode 1

Published on:

3rd Jan 2020

Episode 1: Amber Stratton, Jen Dalgleish & Dave Leith

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As Co-Founders of Pure Yoga Ottawa  and Pure Kitchen Ottawa Amber Stratton and Jen Dalgleish, along side their partners, they have built a brand that has become known to many as a lifestyle. Pure first opened their doors in 2012 and under seven years has grown into four yoga studios, and four Vegetarian Restaurants. 

In 2014 Amber was named one of Ottawa’s Top Forty under 40. In 2017 Jen, Business Woman of the year.

Pure Yoga has been named “Best Yoga Studio” 4 times and in 2016 Pure Kitchen won the BOB Award for “Best New Business of the Year”. 

David Leith started his journey as a young entrepreneur at the 22 years old. By 31 Dave had owned and operated 4 successful bars and restaurants. At 36 David changed his career completely operating as an owner and VP of a flood and fire restoration in company that grew to 22 locations across Ontario and Quebec. In 2015 he came back to the restaurants to open Pure Kitchen and build its success along side co-owners Kyle and Olivia Cruishank. 

David has been named top Forty under 40, was on the board of the Ottawa Food Bank for 7 years and was the president for 4years. His restoration company was also named Top 50 Managed companies in Canada. 


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